Fun with Website Banners


During the creation of this site, I had originally intended to use exploded views of project content as the top banner of each page. But then I had a fun idea. I've always been a serious space geek and thought I'd throw some kudos to NASA and use strips of images from the Hubble Telescope. The banners are strips from some of the most incredible images mankind has ever obtained. They weren't obtained easily either. You just don't point a giant iPhone at the sky and get these images.

In a way, it's the perfect metaphor for doing animation. Both deep space imaging and animation require imagination, perseverance, technology, insight, adaptation, flexibility and faith. Of course, Hubble images require several billion dollars more than my typical project and a few thousand more individuals but both are a blending of art and science. They stimulate the imagination and open up new pathways to what is possible. 

Here is a link to the Hubble Gallery if you are a space geek also: